Lisa A. Phillips

Public Radio: Behind the Voices

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Lisa Phillips loved public radio so much that, soon after she graduated from college, she took a job as  News Director of KTPR, an

NPR affiliate in rural Fort Dodge, Iowa.  Her day started at 4:30a.m., in time to broadcast Bob Edwards’s  first "Good Morning" on

Morning Edition.  After a decade of working at public radio stations around the country, Phillips was driven to know more

about the people who deliver the news, the conversation and the diverse programs that she and millions of listeners enjoy every

day.  The result is Public Radio:  Behind the Voices, a collection of personal stories from more than 40 of the most listened to voices

in public radio. 

We join Lisa Phillips as she talks to Cokie Roberts, Nina Totenberg and Linda Wertheimer about the long standing professional and

personal connection they share.  We accompany her as she visits the home of the legendary Daniel Schorr, shares lunch with

Michael Feldman, has a cozy conversation with Marian McPartland and a coast-to-coast phone call with Renée Montagne.

Through personal interviews and in-depth research,  Phillips allows us to get to know these and many other popular figures of public

radio by letting them speak for themselves – about their lives, loves and professional journeys inside and outside of radio.

As Phillips writes in her introduction, these public radio hosts are "with us when we get up in the morning, when we drive to work, when we cook dinner, garden, sit

in the bathtub.  But they are veiled by the invisibility, the inherent modesty, of radio.  We delight each time that veil is briefly lifted." Public Radio:  Behind the

Voices lifts the veil and deepens our appreciation for the voices – and the people – who bring us the world through our radio every day.


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