Lisa A. Phillips • Unreqited: Women and Romantic Obsession

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Lisa A. Phillips • Unrequited: Women and Romantic Obsession

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"A sympathetic exploration of the misunderstood phenomenon of women and 'the stubbornness of romantic obsession.'"


"The heart, indeed, is a lonely hunter. As Phillips shows, the hunt may be more engrossing, more thrilling, but more

disappointing than the catch. Unrequited lovers will learn they are not alone, and they will also acquire useful tips on ways

of letting go for good."

- Booklist 

"Phillips is a fluid storyteller, incorporating her own experience with unrequited love into a cross-disciplinary journey

through changing ideas of desire." 

Publisher's Weekly

"Phillips explains the psychology and biology of extreme love—not so different from OCD or addiction—and notes the

damaging tendency to excuse stalkers if they are women."

-Pacific Standard

"Phillips writes of the obsession that "changed me from a sane, conscientious college teacher and radio reporter into

someone I barely knew—someone who couldn't realize that she was taking her yearning much, much too far."

-Chronogram Magazine